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Course Surveys:

  1. Platypus2 Feedback
  2. ELEC3004 Course Feedback Survey (direct to us!)
  3. UQ ITaLI - SECaT (access via UQ e-Learning/Blackboard using the "Have your say" window)  [Instructions]


  1. Week 2: Welcome to Platypus2: A System′s A-peer-ance
  2. Week 4: Linearity
  3. Week 6: The Discrete Time Fourier Transform
  4. Week 8: DACs and ADCs
  5. Week 10: System Poles Zeros and PID


Problem Sets:

  1. Assignment 0: A System’s A-peer-ance
  2. Problem Set 1: An Introduction to Signals and Systems
  3. Problem Set 2: Sampling and Filters (Digital & Analog)
  4. Problem Set 3: Digital Feedback Control

Assignment Solutions & Peer Review Guides:

  1. Assignment 0

Matlab Tips/Guides:


Signals & Digital Control Review Chapters (UQ Only):

Materials from Leland B. Jackson, Signals, Systems, and Transforms, 1991

Materials from Bernard Friedland, Control System Design, 1986

Materials from Gene F. Franklin, J. David Powell and Michael L. Workman, Digital Control of Dynamic Systems, 1990

Materials from Karl Johan Astrom and Tore Hagglund, Automatic tuning of PID controllers, 1988

Materials from M. Sami Fadali and Antonio Visioli, Digital Control Engineering Analysis & Design (2nd Edition), 2012
(Online access at ScienceDirect)

Materials from Li Qiu and Kemin Zhou, Introduction to Feedback Control

Materials from Stephen Boyd, Lecture Notes for EE263 - Introduction to Linear Dynamical Systems


ELEC 7312 (Only):


Class Review Materials & Final Examination Notes:


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