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Welcome to ELEC 3004/7312 -- Digital Linear Systems: Signals & Control!


This course teaches the fundamentals of linear systems theory for continuous and discrete signal analysis and feedback control. 
Additional information can be found on the Courses & Programs listing and in the Course Profile for (ELEC 3004 Semester 1 - 2015)
and (ELEC 7312 Semester 1 - 2015).

Platypus Beta:

An open, online assignment submission system supporting peer assessment that randomizes on a per-question, as compared to a per assignment, basis. (concept sketch
Some tips and principles for good peer feedback are given in "Introduction to Peer Review" (Tutorial Wk. 3).
   This include the new Platypus2βeta

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The class has five problem sets or assignments worth 60% in total (or 12% each).  They will nominally go out every 2-3 weeks and are designed to take about a week to do.  They are to be submitted via Platypus.

  1. Problem Set 1: An Introduction to Signals and Systems (12%)
    • Due: March 25, 2015 at 23:59 AEST  (Extended to Wednesday)
    • Download as PDF
    • Solutions  (as PDF)

  2. Problem Set 2: Sampling and Digital Systems  (12 %)
  3. Problem Set 3: Filters (Digital & Analog)  (12 %)
  4. Problem Set 4: Principles of Feedback Control  (12 %)
  5. Problem Set 5: Digital Feedback Control (12 %)

Final Examination:

The final exam is worth 40% total.  It is managed by the UQ Central Examinations Office. It is scheduled on Friday, June 26, 2015 from 2:30pm to 5:30pm and will be held in the AEB (Bldg. 49) Room 301.  The exam consists of three sections (Digital Systems, Signal Processing, and Digital Control) with short answers questions and problems.  It comes with an equation sheet (see practice exam).  Students are additionally permitted a doubled-sided A4 equation sheet of their own design.  For format and style, please see: (1) The 2014 final exam, the 2013 final exam, and (3) the practice exam.

Schedule & Locations: 



B. P. Lathi, Signal processing and linear systems, 1998
Call Number: TK5102.9.L38 1998

G. Franklin, J. Powell, M. Workman, Digital Control of Dynamic Systems, 1990
Call Number:  TJ216.F72 1990 and [UQ Ebook]

João Hespanha, Linear Systems Theory, 2009
Call Number: [UQ ebrary] and [UQ Ebook]

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